I have always been passionate about my work. Becoming ordained as a minister of God and focusing my ministry on officiating weddings has been the third career that I never expected! Doing this work gives me great joy and satisfaction; it allows me to use my own life lessons, talents and experience in service to my bridal couples, their families and guests. It is an honor to officiate weddings and other sacred occasions for those who allow me to bring Spirit into their ceremonies.

I have lived in the Pittsburgh area most of my adult life and have traveled extensively overseas. My family spent two years living in Karachi, Pakistan when I was in junior high and attended Karachi American School. I know that this early exposure to a different culture and having friends from many nations helped shape my values and gave me a fascination with world religions and spiritual traditions. I have a special ministry to those in the recovery community and welcome couples of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

My personal style is warm and affectionate. I very much enjoy coming to know the families and close friends of my couples at their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and consider it an honor to be included in all of the festivities. I am enriched by the time I get to spend with each couple and their significant loved ones. Don’t be surprised to see me on the dance floor with your mothers and aunts when the old school line dances are played! 

What kind of minister are you?  Who will you marry?

Serving as your wedding officiant is a privilege…you are selecting me for one of the most intimate, sacred moments of your lives. Your loving intention to marry one another is my only requirement. I was ordained in 2002 as an ecumenical, interfaith minister to “serve all, regardless of race, creed, situation or circumstance.”

Your religious beliefs and experiences are your own. I have created ceremonies that included direct reference to God, Spirit, Source, Creator….and many more that were more “spiritual” than religious. I have also ministered to lots of couples who have no religious beliefs and whose transcendent experiences come through other means….nature, art, music, loving friendships. I enjoy helping you design a ceremony that reflects the particular nature of your loving and honors the path that brought you together, and this often includes subtle references to your families and their particular values and traditions, religious or otherwise.

Many of my couples are bringing more than one religious/spiritual tradition into their marriage. I very much enjoy the challenge of “marrying” sometimes disparate traditions into a ceremony that honors everyone’s personal experiences with the Divine. For example, I recently officiated a beautiful ceremony at Le Mont Restaurant between a Byzantine Orthodox bride and a Jewish groom.

Same Sex Marriages

My joy and surprise were equally high when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court declared the right for couples of the same gender to marry. I have been in continual celebration mode ever since. One of the great blessings in my life has been the presence of my gay and lesbian friends. I consider myself a strong LGBTQ Ally and I hope that they do as well. 2015 is the first year that I have gay and lesbian marriages on my calendar and I am thrilled!

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