How do we work together?

First, we begin with a telephone conversation, to check our personal chemistry. It is important that you feel comfortable with me – and all of your vendors – so that we can work together with grace and ease. It is rare that I find it difficult to develop rapport with a couple but it is even more important that you feel that I “get” you as a couple.

We then schedule a personal meeting….in person, if possible, or by Skype as needed (for those out-of-state or out-of-country couples). At this in-depth meeting, usually an informal coffee date, I explore your vision for the ceremony and help you bring it to life. It is not unusual for a couple to have only a vague idea of what they want, so no worries, that is my job!

My experiences, both as an officiant and in my earlier career as a consultant, have developed my intuition and listening skills to a high level, which means I am usually able to hone in on your needs and make on-the-spot suggestions about a direction for your ceremony. You simply relax and let me guide the conversation and be prepared to answer lots of questions about yourselves, your story as a couple, and what makes you tick! Believe it or not, at the conclusion of our meeting, we will have co-created a specific vision for your ceremony and an outline of the order of the ceremony itself.

We follow up with email, texting, online chat or an additional meeting to finalize our ceremony plan. I have loads of resources to share, including options for your vows, readings, unity ceremonies, honoring special people and more. I am also excited when I get to develop a completely new ceremony element that is just for you. If you want a ceremony that reflects the two of you and the depth and uniqueness of your love, I hope to have the pleasure of meeting with you.

Contract and Pricing:         What are my fees and what do they include?

Simply put, my fee includes whatever it takes for me to deliver a one-of-a-kind ceremony.

•Meeting and communicating with you during the months leading up to the wedding

•Co-creating a vision and a detailed outline of the ceremony

•Writing a unique ceremony script

•Conducting the rehearsal and facilitating a shared experience for your two families

•Attending the rehearsal dinner (from a sit down dinner to pizza and beer in the park!)

•Finalizing the ceremony script after coming to know you even better at the rehearsal festivities

•Officiating the ceremony

•Signing the marriage license and filing the official documents with the court

•Celebrating with you!


For most weddings, my comprehensive ceremony fee is $600 and represents 20-25 hours of work. Although I always recommend having time together for a rehearsal, there are occasionally circumstances which prevent a bridal couple from having one. The comprehensive fee for a wedding without the rehearsal is $500.

*Travel beyond the metropolitan Pittsburgh area is additional and is charged at 75¢ per mile.


How do we execute the contract?

The contract is a simple one-pager… click here and check it out. As you will see, a deposit of 25% of the fee, along with a signed contract, secures me for your date! Often, we take care of this when we have our in-person meeting, or shortly thereafter.

In any case, my schedule fills up well in advance so I would love to hear from you sooner rather than later to give us the best chance of working together.


Other Ceremonies and Services

House Blessings

Your excitement and intentions for a new home can be anchored into your new space — and your hearts — by having a specially designed house blessing.  I find these occasions to be wonderful opportunities to celebrate this new beginning and the gifts you bring into your new home.  Whether you would like prayer, the Light of candles or the energetic clearing of a traditional smudging ceremony, it is my pleasure to co-create a ceremony that honors you, your traditions and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Baby Blessings

Could there be a more hopeful time than the birth of a baby? It is a special joy to create a personal ceremony to celebrate the new life of each infant I have the privilege of blessing. The blessing ceremony is designed to reflect the hopes and values of the parents of each baby and the unique gifts of the child. The service can be religious or spiritual in nature, or completely secular….whatever the case, it is an occasion that brings families together to remember their strengths and honors the sacred gift that child is to everyone who loves her.

Vow renewals and Anniversaries

25th Anniversary? 50th Anniversary? 10st Anniversary?   Revisiting your special day and celebrating the unique path your life together with your spouse or partner has taken is a wonderful way to make your love even more alive in your marriage. I love to create unique ceremonies that celebrate the anniversary of each couple and offer an opportunity for you to renew your vows and refresh your commitment to your one-of-a-kind partnership in marriage.

Memorial and Graveside Services

I am deeply honored when a family asks me to preside over the memorial service of a loved one. As with my other services, it is my desire to bring comfort and upliftment to everyone concerned. I like to understand a great deal about the person who has transitioned into Spirit in order to create a meaningful, unique, healing ceremony for all of the family and friends who are grieving his or her loss. I have conducted memorial services in funeral homes, at the graveside, in mausoleums and in private homes. It would be a privilege to speak with you about your loved one and how I can help.